Samsung and Microsoft authorize each other Aim at accelerating new product development

The news on April 20, Samsung showed a few days ago, already signed a patent to authorize the agreement with Microsoft each other, the purpose is for accelerating the development paces of the new product.

According to Forbes website, Samsung says, Microsoft, in order to improve and consume electronic manufacturers, communication companies, cooperation relations of the computer hardware manufacturer and Linux/Unix platform provider, signing and authorizing the agreement with large quantities of companies actively.

Samsung is one of the patent rich and influential families of U.S.A..

According to this agreement, Samsung can be on its existing and future product line, if use the patent of Microsoft in the computer, set-box, player, camera, TV, printer and home products of digital media.

Under this agreement, retail traders and consumers of Samsung, Samsung can use Microsoft’s patent in the privately owned software of Samsung products, this agreement still allows Samsung to rest assured to put out Linux products, but needn’t afraid Microsoft will sue users.

On the other hand, Microsoft will gain access to the innovative technology of Samsung in digital media and computer.

According to the stipulations of agreement, both sides use the mutual intellectual property right to compensate in the form of money.

Microsoft has been recent already with Novell, NEC, Xerox of Fuji (Fuji-Xerox) , Seiko Epson (Seiko-Epson) And north electricity (Nortel) Wait for the company to sign the similar agreement.

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